Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by Steve

Stop waiting around for your website to magically appear in the top of the major search engines - it won't just happen.

Are you looking for a top SEO Company to assist you in getting your name and website listed at the top of the search engines? Have you been wanting to rank on Google, Yahoo and MSN but have had little to no results? Maybe you just don't know what you are doing or what the companies you have hired are doing? Are you using techniques that no longer work? Are you working with the wrong people?

When starting a website, most non-technical business owners believe that can simply build a website and visitors will appear at their doorstep. That's the biggest misconception in our business, hands down. After 30, 60, 90 days, they quickly find that, that is not the case and become discouraged. It's like anything else. If you don't put any efforts into marketing/promoting your website in a way that gets search engines to recognize you, your website will be virtually useless. No matter which seo companies you work with, this fact will always remain the same. No one has a magic pill in the search engine optimization world.

Let me tell you what I focus on in an effort to get you listed higher.

a) On page items
b) Off page items

I will focus on changing the way your title tags read, your meta data, your h1/h2 tags and all of the items that Google feels is important on your pages. Your title tag is known to be the most important tag. This tag shows up in the search results and is part of the "back-end" code on your website. Every page of your website should have a unique title tag, h1/h2 and other meta data.

I will focus on doing it the "humanized" way. This means I will adjust your pages in such a way that Google understands humans are doing their best to rank high because they are providing value to searchers. Doing too much could cause you to be penalized. Too much content, spammy looking meta tags, titles, h1's, etc… could cause problems.

I will build links to your website from relevant, high value websites. In addition to manually researching, negotiating and acquiring links on your behalf, I work with SEO Company, one of the most well known SEO's in the industry to achieve links through their content network. By far, it's likely the most powerful link push I've seen online. I build links on blogs, article websites and forums. I work with other firms for seo to make sure you have the most diverse link foundation possible. I really try to focus on high PR websites that are relevant to your business. I do not build links on link farms or bad neighborhoods.
The most popular question is "what pagerank are your links" or "how many links do you build". The answer to the first question is simple - I do not look at pagerank but my goal is to get you the most valuable links possible. A high page rank link won't do much good if its completely irrelevant. A low page rank link may do more good than a high page rank link If it is a relevant link to your industry. Focusing on page rank can make a person nuts and really limit the time spent on finding the links that you need in order to rank high. If all you need is link building, I might recommend using the SEO Services offered by WBR, a very common, white-hat high quality contextual link building company. I haven't found a service worth mentioning that competes with them yet. The second question can be answered later on. The # of links I build for each client varies and depends on the amount I am paid and how much time I spend on your account. On average, I can acquire 5-25 links per month and see results within 6 months of starting. Do you want to rank higher? Contact us now.

For pricing, please contact me and I will send you a quote. Thanks. Here are also a few links to resources you will need in your SEO journey:

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Other resources

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